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Getting a Hash Value from a String of Concatenated Keys

21 November, 2020
- 5 min read

A walkthrough of my approach, in Ruby

New Layout!

13 November, 2020
- 3 min read

Updates to this site's design and customizations I implemented

Of Webpacker Config and Failed Rails App Deploys

07 October, 2020
- 4 min read

How overpacking with Webpacker impacts Rails app deploy times and resource usage

Strong, Not Perfect - How I Overcome Perfectionism Paralysis

19 April, 2020
- 6 min read

3 strategies I use to keep going when perfectionism strikes

Recreating the Pokémon Red/Blue Pokédex

06 April, 2020
- 8 min read

An overview of my approach to recreating Pokémon Red and Blue's Pokédex

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome On My Journey Into Tech

08 March, 2020
- 6 min read

Stops and starts along the road to becoming a software engineer

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