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Below, you'll find a selection of the personal projects I've built. If I'm working on something new, my goal is to blog a bit about the process. You can see some of my other projects on Github.

Word Counter

Word Counter Screenshot

I wanted to practice regex and learn a bit about functional components in React, so I built this simple web app. It takes user-entered text and returns a word count, character count, and character count without spaces.

Check out the code or the live site! 1.0

Word Counter Screenshot

The first version of this site, with a customized theme I coded from scratch. Built with Gatsby.

Check out an archived version of the site!


Pokedex Screenshot

I've loved Pokémon since I was 8 years old. In a fit of nostalgia, I made a React app that integrates with the PokéAPI. Styling the app with pure CSS to look as much like the Pokémon Red/Blue games was a fun challenge! I wrote a blog post about how I built the app, too!

Check out the code or the live site!

Korean Adoptee Library

Korean Adoptee Library Screenshot

This app is meant to serve as a resource bank for Korean adoptees given the preponderance of information that exists within our community without a central organizing repository. Built with Ruby on Rails and jQuery (!).

Check out the code or the live site!


Grammable Screenshot

Grammable is an Instagram clone built with Ruby on Rails to practice test-driven development with RSpec and Factory Bot.

Check out the code or the live site!


Flixter Screenshot

Flixter is a two-sided video streaming marketplace application, built with Ruby on Rails, a sprinkling of vanilla JavaScript, and the Stripe API.

Check out the code or the live site!

Chicago Nomster

Chicago Nomster Screenshot

I love Chicago and I love exploring all the tastes the city has to offer. Chicago Nomster is a Yelp clone built with Ruby on Rails. It uses the Google Maps API for locations and AWS for image uploads.

Check out the code or the live site!

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