Book Notes: 2022 Books So Far

I’ve been reading a lot lately and really enjoying it! It’s been a mix of fiction and non-fiction, and most of the non-fiction is related to engineering in one way or another. Here are the books I’ve read this year related to tech:

Currently in progress:


Because I often don’t read this many books total in a given year, I’m happy to have found time to read so far in 2022. One thing that’s helped a lot is joining book clubs. I’ve been reading 99 Bottles of OOP with the WNB.rb book club, and I’m going through Rebuilding Rails with folks from the Ruby Learning Center.

I nearly gave up on 99 Bottles after missing book club meetings through all of August, but knowing there was a great group of people reading together and discussing each week motivated me to catch up. We’re almost done with that one! Next up will be An Elegant Puzzle.

I’d like to write up short posts about my takeaways from each of the above books before the year’s end. This is a starting place.