Doritos and HTML

I have kept journals since I first learned to write. Some are handwritten and sit in a box at my parents’ house, while others are scattered across various platforms on the internet. Online journals are the reason I learned to code.

Changing the IDOBAO ID80's RGB Settings

Recently, I built my first mechanical keyboard. It took forever, mostly due to my inexperience and initial reluctance to do things “correctly.” Namely, I was at first skeptical about the...

Some Thoughts, 3 Years In

I’ve been a software engineer for three years. That feels pretty cool to say. I wish I could go tell my 14-year-old self, who was just teaching herself HTML and CSS, that one day she’d be coding for a living.

CS Ramble, Part I

I’ve been working in tech full-time for a bit now - nearly three years as a software engineer, and before that, as a technical teaching assistant. As described in my...

2021 in Review

I’m not a big New Year’s or New Year’s Eve person. I never have been. Still, I’ve always enjoyed reflecting and journaling; changing over the calendar feels like as good a time as any to do so.