About Me

Hi! I'm Amy, a full-stack developer who particularly enjoys working on back-end applications. I'm based in Chicago, IL and have over three years of full-time remote work experience.

Career Journey

I started working in tech in 2018 after graduating from The Firehose Project's full-stack web development bootcamp. Before that, I was an educator for nearly a decade: I taught elementary and high school, then spearheaded the adoption of culturally relevant curriculum design for a national college success non-profit.

I'd like to think this career change would make my 15-year-old self very happy: I taught myself HTML and CSS as a high schooler to build fan sites and online journal templates. You can read a longer version of my path into tech here.

How I Work

I'm methodical about breaking down complex problems.

I enjoy reading and learning from others' code.

I collaborate to identify solutions.

I invest in researching implementation options.

I thoroughly document fixes and features I write.

I love that there is always something more to learn.

Random Facts

I love running, hiking, bouldering, and yoga.

I studied English and Linguistics in college.

I speak Spanish and a little bit of Catalán, and I'm learning Korean.

I'm a huge Lord of the Rings nerd.

I spent most of my teenage years training to become a professional clarinetist.


Certificate, Software Engineering

The Firehose Project, 2018

Master of Arts in Teaching

Dominican University, 2012

Bachelor of Arts in English

Grinnell College, 2010

About This Site

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