CS Ramble, Part I

I’ve been working in tech full-time for a bit now - nearly three years as a software engineer, and before that, as a technical teaching assistant. As described in my...

2021 in Review

I’m not a big New Year’s or New Year’s Eve person. I never have been. Still, I’ve always enjoyed reflecting and journaling; changing over the calendar feels like as good a time as any to do so.

Getting a Hash Value from a String of Concatenated Keys

Recently, I was tasked with determining if an expected value was present in a hash containing an arbitrary (and unknown) number of nested keys, using a string containing relevant keys to search for.

Of Webpacker Config and Failed Rails App Deploys

Earlier this year, deploys of my team’s main application began failing with a mysterious error.

Strong, Not Perfect

Confession: Like Chidi from The Good Place, I am a person who often suffers from decision paralysis.