Getting a Hash Value from a String of Concatenated Keys

Recently, I was tasked with determining if an expected value was present in a hash containing an arbitrary (and unknown) number of nested keys, using a string containing relevant keys to search for.

Of Webpacker Config and Failed Rails App Deploys

Earlier this year, deploys of my team’s main application began failing with a mysterious error.

Strong, Not Perfect

Confession: Like Chidi from The Good Place, I am a person who often suffers from decision paralysis.

Recreating the Pokémon Red/Blue Pokédex

When I started my current job last spring, my engineering team’s onboarding curriculum involved (among other things) integrating with an external API to build a microservice in Python; I worked with the PokéAPI.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome On My Journey Into Tech

A little over a year ago, I transitioned into tech as a career-changer with a B.A. in English and an M.A. in teaching. It wasn’t a straightforward or easy journey, but it’s one of which I am proud.